Friends for Life

First and Foremost


The #1 Criteria for adopting one of our puppies is your commitment to love and protect them for their entire lifetime.

It is your job to help your dog navigate our human world.

#2 – The Interview

You have taken the time to read our website and about our dogs. You know our dogs are Health Tested, Temperament Tested, and Raised in our Home.

Now, tell me about you; what is your experience in raising dogs? What are your plans for and hopes in adopting one of our puppies? Do you already have an established veterinarian / trainer?

Once you are in full agreement with our contract, and we have decided to work together, A $400 deposit will be placed to hold your puppy pick spot. (please make your initial contact through email so I will always have the date you first contacted me).

#3 Deposits & Choosing Your Puppy

Please be assured I will work with honesty and integrity, I ask you do the same!

Your deposit is immediately refundable if the sex of the puppy you placed your deposit on is not born.  

If you choose not to put down a deposit your name will be removed, and the next person on the waitlist will take your spot. I will send a contract for you to sign. 

This must be signed and returned to me (scan and email are fine).

Puppies will be chosen in order that you are on the waitlist.  Once you have chosen your puppy you will need to pay for your puppies full price, minus the deposit you placed earlier, immediately.  This is to ensure that funds have time to clear (please remember I have no control over financial institutions) before the puppy is ready to leave on date agreed upon. At no time will a puppy leave before all funds have cleared.

Important Refund Information:

A deposit is an agreement that you are ready and intend to adopt a puppy when it comes of age.  Another suitable home may have been turned away based on that promise so please be prepared to fulfill this contract. However, we know that life happens, so… at any time before you take possession of your puppy you may request ½ (half) of your deposit back. This refund will only be made after all pups are placed or with in 6 weeks of written request.

The other half will be available for you to purchase a puppy from a future breeding for as long as I am breeding (Please note puppy prices may not be the same for future pups). Cancellations cause much expense in re-advertising, vet care, and training while finding the puppy a suitable home.

#4 Picking up your puppy

When you pick up your puppy you will receive:
•your new best friend for life

• puppy shot and health records from veterinarian 
• AKC registration papers
• a blanket and toy with smells of home
•custom designed, hand crafted collar and leash
•information I have found valuable for training and nutrition
• A lifetime of training support

#5  The "I will Always love You Clause"

We have both done all we can to assure this will be a match made in heaven. You have been honest in your intent and dedication to the continued learning of your puppy.   I have done my best through health and temperament testing,  ENS and PC Protocols to produce a balanced companion for life.  You have worked with your vet and trainers to continue that process.  However, sometimes life goes in a direction we could not have foreseen.  You must promise to never place this puppy with a rescue organization or shelter.  I will help you place or offer my home to this puppy at any time in their life.
Before your puppy was born I sat with their mother

I put my head close to her belly and told them for the first time

“I Will Always Love You”

When your puppy was born I cleaned them and weighed them every few hours day and night

and through eyes blurred by lack of sleep, I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I started Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) right away. 

Each day I inspected every toe and held them and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I wiped faces and feet more times than I can count as they

learned to eat and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I washed and dried them and trimmed their little nails and brushed their

wiggly bodies and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I introduced them to a world of sounds like vacuums and washers

and toys that make noise and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I introduced them to a world of smells like

grass, feathers, cats and critters and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I introduced them to at least 7 surfaces by 7 weeks.  I fed them together and

introduced them to crates and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

When you made your pick I told them your name and why

I knew you were the best family for them and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I introduced them to a harness and leash and praised them

when they pottied outside and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

I held them in my lap as school got out and let them see,

hear and smell what a crowd is and I told them again

“I Will Always Love You”

So you will excuse my tears on this day, you’ve come to take them home,

when I hear you say for the very first time

“I Will Always Love You”

#6 Now the fun begins

I have done the best I possibly can for your puppy, and given them a great start in life.  This section refers to where you take over, and everything that will be in the puppy contract you sign. Please read carefully as this will be a binding contract.

~First Vet visit – Your puppy must see a vet within 3 business days of receiving your puppy. No exceptions and ALL Health Guarantees will be void if this is not done. This is one area I am very serious about as no requirement in this agreement should ever supersede the advice of your vet.


~At your first vet visit, you will take your vaccination records I gave to you when you picked your puppy.  You and your vet will create a vaccine protocol at that visit.  You promise to follow the protocol laid out by you and your vet at that first visit.

• Food:
please sign up for food recall notices at

~Fat puppies are not healthy puppies. You promise to keep your puppy at a healthy weight as per recommended by your vet. As a general rule, you should be able to feel, with slight pressure, your puppies ribs but not see your puppies ribs.

- DO NOT use raised feeders for your puppy or dogs.  Raised feeders increase the risk of bloat.

~It seems like the do/don’t feed puppy food, do/don’t feed large breed puppy food, do/don’t feed all stages food, do/don’t feed grain free food changes rapidly.  I am always keeping up with the lasted news and change my food only after I discuss it with my vet.  On the first visit, you and your vet will decide on what brand and how much food to feed your puppy.  You promise to follow the protocol laid out by your vet at the first visit.

  ~Your puppy will be able to go to a three meal a day feeding by eight weeks old.  You promise to feed your puppy their daily ration divided into three meals a day unless specified otherwise by your vet on the first visit.

~All puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration - this gets tricky.  We are learning so much about the effects of early s/n on bones of puppies and problems it can cause down the road.  Personally, I am moving to a later s/n requirement based on discussions with breeders and vets.  You promise to s/n your puppy no later then 18 months (you and your vet may choose earlier as your situation requires). My goal is the best health of your puppy. If your vet recommends a later date please have them contact me.

~You must agree to start a puppy/basic obedience class or if you are experienced and had great success with training dogs start socialization as soon as vet clears your pup.  Poodles are highly intelligent and need mental and physical structured stimulation well beyond their first year of life.  Dog parks can often cause more problems then they solve I would strongly recommend training classes for dog socialization and training.